ipovet samsaxuri martivad sakutari telefonidan.job

ipovet samsaxuri martivad sakutari telefonidan edzebt samsaxurs? es aplikatsia dagexmarebat ipovot sasurveli samushao pirdapir mobiluri telefonidan,

im ubanshi, sadac gsurt. tqevni monacemebis da interesebis sheyvanidan 48 saatshi shedzlebt ipovot sasurveli samsaxuri: dasuftaveba, sarestorno sferi, sastumro, sacxobi, mzareuli, mdzgoli, stilisti da a.sh. imis mixedvit, tu risi gaketeba shegidzliat.

agnishnuli aplitasiis chamosatvirtad, unda gadaxvidet qvemot mititebul bmulze.

MyJobNow is an app that matches job seekers and employers within 48 hours. Say goodbye to endless interviews, paperwork, and long calls! You can now find fast and easy the right job and the ideal candidate for your business. It’s only a tap away!

ipovet samsaxuri martivad sakutari telefonidan


With MyJobNow you can find a job near you within 48 hours! If you are looking for a job as a bartender, as a receptionist or even as a cashier, you can find one here simply and fast:

-Create your profile easily by uploading a profile picture, write a few words about you and your work experience and your profile is ready!

-Select the specialty you are interested in and use the available filters to refine your search and find the job you want.

-Find jobs based on the location that suits you, by choosing on the map the area that you would like to work.

-You can apply for a job offer with a single tap and you will receive a reply within 48 hours.

-Chat directly with your potential employers and ask them whatever you want about the job.

Download MyJobNow, say goodbye to endless job hunting, writing resumes, long interviews and find the job you want within 48 hours!

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ipovet samsaxuri martivad sakutari telefonidan - ipovet samsaxuri martivad sakutari telefonidan.job


Find the ideal candidate for your business easily. No more complicated procedures.
Do you own a restaurant, retail store or a small business or are you looking for an assistant/secretary? You can find the perfect candidate for the job quickly and effectively:

  • Create your business’s profile easily and create job listings in less than 1 minute.

  • Choose your preferences for each job position and find candidates that match exactly your requirements.

  • Communicate with candidates via the chat and find the perfect person for the job. Putting an end to long phone calls.

  • Manage the hiring process effortlessly anytime you want through our specially designed candidate tracking system.

Download MyJobNow and say farewell to tedious paperwork and endless phone calls.
Find the perfect candidate for your business quickly and with minimum effort


ipovet samsaxuri martivad sakutari telefonidan - ipovet samsaxuri martivad sakutari telefonidan.job

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